What's New Archive

2014.10.01 Nordic cooperation in environmental compensation -- A new NCM project

2014.09.11 Environmental markets: Scott co-authors report & editorial in Swedish Env Magazine

2014.08.12 Scott's work on improving Arctic Governance published in Polar Research Journal

2014.04.03 Scott invited as EU expert for damage assessment workshop in China

2014.06.24 EES teams up with ENAB to win Nordic Council of Minister (NCM) project

2013.06.17 EES co-authors editorial suggesting a "Habitat Banking" system in Sweden

2013.03.19 EES to participate in Sweden's political week in Almedalen July 2013

2013.01.01 Two more peer-reviewed publications from Scott's Thesis

2012.11.15 EES to develop market-based solutions in Vietnam

2012.06.15 EES advocates markets for ecosystem services

2011.10.21 Successful gathering at Environmental Compensation Conference in Stockholm

2011.09.16 2nd conference on environmental compensation: 18-19 October 2011

2011.06.19 EESweden wins contract with Swedish EPA

2011.04.19. 1st conference on environmental compensation a success !

2010.02.01. EESweden/Enetjärn partner for Environmental Compensation Conference #1

2010.12.08. Scott leads interdisciplinary workshop on non-monetary valuation in the Netherlands

2010.12.06 Scott's "Opinion Piece" to be published in the Journal of Restoration Ecology

2010.09.25. Compensation for wind power impacts presented at RRF conference in Colorado

2010.05.21. Scott defends his thesis on environmental compensation

2009.09.14. Scott presents compensation paper at OffshoreWind 2009

2009.06.05. Scott presents at NICOLE conference in Brussels

2009.04.07. Scott invited to the Network of EU Environmental Lawyers meeting in Prague

2009.01.29. Scott gives lecture on compensating for wind power impacts

2009.01.21. Scott's Masters thesis wins "green thesis" award

2008.08.26. Scott presents twice at the IBC Euroforum Conference in Stockholm.